At Tiffany’s

At times, there are things that my mother and I greatly disagree on such as, my refusal to iron my clothes, ever; my choice to get tattoos; my talent to take her clothes and accessories from her closet without asking … Continue reading

Rik’s Life: 23 Things to Watch, Read and Listen to That Relate to the Current Racial Tensions in America

This post was originally published on December 4, 2014. It is updated frequently.  Last week I posted a tweet: “I greatly dislike the notion that #Ferguson has resurfaced the convo on race in this country. No, you’re just starting to … Continue reading

The Case for Checking On It: How the black booty is positioned in popular media and through the careers of popular black celebrities

Wrote this for a first-year graduate course, and people found it interesting and asked that I post it. BEWARE: It’s 5,000 words. Read while listening to Beyoncé’s 7/11 on repeat for inspiration and motivation. Introduction   The black booty is … Continue reading

Rik’s Watch: ‘Black-ish’ or ‘Empire’? Are Any of the Black Families on Primetime Television Really Reflecting Black Life?

When “Black-ish” debuted this past September, many questioned if we were living in a sort of “fantasyland,” in which the show depicted a black family that was far out of tune with the realities of black life. With circulating images … Continue reading