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Any words of wisdom or advice about “getting your shit together” that you wish someone told you years ago?

I wish someone told me to have patience and to not take rejection personally. But one thing I’ve heard a lot recently is to not strive to be “different” or “perfect,” but to strive for excellence. Be the best at what you can do. We all have something to contribute. And above all, practice humility.



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As it’s all anyone can talk about this morning, I asked MR contributor Rikki Byrd, a soon-to-be graduate from Parson’s MA program where she wrote her final thesis on blackness in American fashion, what she thought about Lemonade. She wrote:

“It’s frustrating and annoying that a lot of people are putting the main focus on Jay Z cheating and the Rachel Roy drama, etc., when in reality, this visual album is about so much more: it’s about black women overcoming; black women prevailing; black women struggling with comparisons amongst themselves and against beauty ideals; black women in and out of love with themselves and with others; it’s about police brutality; it’s about black women and the relationships they have with themselves, with their fathers, their significant others, and most of all with the world around them that shapes not only how they see themselves, but also how the world sees them.


Parsons: Insights


Critical engagement, first and foremost, is about not being afraid to talk about issues that affect marginalized people in such a dominating industry. For so long, the fashion industry has kind of taken this “We don’t like to talk about it,” agenda, but turning a blind eye doesn’t alleviate systemic issues. In this series, we hope, if nothing else, to empower attendees to carry these conversations into their workplaces and classrooms and enlighten others. READ MORE

Thee Fashion Stories

thee fashion stories rikki byrd















Describe your fashion story.

Let’s see, I’m most likely at an indie coffee shop typing away on my Mac. I’m wearing a stripe, boat neck long sleeve tee, a tennis skirt and a pair of colorful New Balance sneakers or my all-white Converse. READ MORE.


VOX Magazine


What Would Mickey Wear

Tonight was absolutely amazing, we launched the 6th issue of Sculpt magazine. I started it in 2010, and to see it four years later still thriving, still rising to the top is amazing!” -Rikki Byrd

Rikki Byrd started Sculpt Magazine her freshman year at Mizzou in her dorm room. READ MORE






As a local boutique, we are not only all about bringing awesomeness to the masses, but supporting the community of Columbia, as well #weaboutthatlife. The Muse had an amazing opportunity to support the up and coming s c u l p t Magazine, a magazine functioning as a canvas for emerging artists to freely and creatively showcase their talents. Now we’ve worked with the beautiful Rikki Byrd many times, but this time is truly special. Rikki founded s c u l p t in 2010, after finding her passion in bringing the unknown to new heights and giving artists, like herself, a platform to share their talents. READ MORE



Sophomore Naomi Daugherty and senior Rikki Byrd perform a spoken-word poem as part of Monday’s ceremony. READ MORE

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