Hot List Is Coming This Weekend!

Hot List is this weekend, and as the day draws closer, I’m both excited and in complete anxiety because I still don’t know what to wear. When I think of outfits, I always think it themes–Urban Chic, Harlem Renaissance, I Don’t Care Today–you know, those type of themes. For Hot List, I decided on “Classic.” It’s a poolside event, and the weatherman is promising plenty of sunshine for, so I want to be comfortable in the heat, but also chic as can be. I purchased a pair of white heels in the winter, and I’ve been waiting for summer to bring them out. Since HotList just so happens to be the weekend after Memorial Day (perfect for white), I’ve decided to debut them, and an all-white ensemble, at the party. Although the set I’ve put together isn’t exactly what I’ll be donning, I’m hoping it’ll be pretty close. DISCLAIMER: If I don’t wear something remotely close to this, I hope to be in pastels. If you’re in St. Louis and want to attend, tickets are still on sale. Also, I visited Cortona, a snazzy new apartment complex that just opened, last weekend for a private event and this party is sure to be the knockout of the summer. Check my Instagram for what I wore to the viewing last week!
Hot List Party

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