Rik’s Life: Peace Out Winter

Occasionally, I gather my artsy-fartsy friends together for a what I’ve themed “A Moment of Inspiration.” These moments usually occur when I’m in an artistic rut, trying to think up innovative ways to tackle new projects. All parties come out with something to take home. For me, it’s an experience (and a new avatar), for others it’s to add to their portfolio, for others it’s just some oddball fun with friends.

I got together with Jessica Page and Rahmar Duffy this past Sunday for some natural hair inspo. Surprisingly, Rahmar had a head full of dreadlocks no more than a month ago, and in his refusal to cut his hair, he spent some dedicated time taking each matted strand down. The result: a cool fro that he’s devastatingly proud of. So, we stuck our manes together for what came out as a modern take on Woodstock. Seriously, there were incense burning, ethereal tunes playing and flowers galore. Needless to say, I’ve been inspired and have come up with about 5 new creative ideas ready for action. Check out photos from the shoot below!

Photographs by Jessica Page


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